Nicklaus Golf Claw fairway woods and hybrids


We’ve all experienced that awful feeling in the rough when your hands are turned over at impact, but the new Nicklaus Golf Claw fairway woods and hybrids are here to help combat this.

The DP Fairway Claw feature the successful Dual Point Technology that was introduced last year, and the resistance through the turf is dramatically reduced.

Chief Designer Clay Long said: “Basically, we’ve taken the sole of the clubhead and sort of scooped out the flanks. We’ve created a centre runner flanked by thinner stabilizer rails that proved to create less drag through impact, allowing the club to stay online more easily.”

And the new Claw hybrids benefit from a marriage of three technologies: Dual Point Technology, Extreme Polar Weight Distribution and the revolutionary Claw sole. These allow for an extremely high MOI to give you a better chance of crunching your shot to perfection.

INFORMATION: The DP Fairway Claw retails at £129.99, while the Claw Hybrids are priced at £99.99. For further details please visit

Nicklaus Golf DP Fairway Claw
Nicklaus Golf Claw Hybrid

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