Callaway FT9 Driver


Callaway Golf has introduced a raft of new golf clubs for 2009 including the awesome Callaway FT5 replacement the Callaway FT9 driver.

The new Callaway FT9 driver will join the Callaway FT-iQ square driver  and Big Bertha Diablo driver in  the company’s 2009 driver range in a line up stonger than we’ve seen in a long, long time.

The new Callaway FT9 driver features all the great technology of the hugely popular FT5 but with added zing, thanks to a new Hyberbolic face which increases ball speed and with it distance off the tee.

The emphahsis will be on the player being able to shape the ball with the FT9, leaving the Callaway FT-iQ for those that want to belt the ball miles as straight as an arrow.

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