cleveland niblick hybrid


The new Cleveland Niblick hybrid could be the secret weapon to sort your short game out!

With so many similar types of clubs to choose from, it makes a real change to see something so new and radical on the market. Cleveland’s new short iron hybrid combines the features of a wedge, putter, iron and hybrid to create a revolutionary hybrid scoring club.

The name Niblick takes us back to the ancient days of golf when a niblick had an equivalent loft of a 9-iron and had a sole designed to get players out of tricky lies and help to lower their scores. Now, Cleveland have designed a whole new twist on the hybrid specifically designed to improve scoring and help golfers hit four different types of shots : chips, pitches, approach shots and recoveries.

The Cleveland Niblick hybrid also features the same Gelback technology we’ve seen in their irons and CG14 wedges, a lightweight, vibration-damping material placed behind the hitting area to provide soft feel. The Cleveland Niblick hybrid also has the special Zip Grooves as seen on the wedges which channel more dirt and maximise spin and control.

We’re genuinely excited about seeing and trying this new club and will be trying it out for you on video from all kinds of lies, to see if it really does make it easier to scramble the ball closer.

The Cleveland Niblick hybrid comes in a steel shaft and costs £99. Again, like all Cleveland’s new kit, it will be available from October 15th, 2008.

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