Nike Victory Red wedges


Remember when Tiger Woods triumped at the US Open this year? Well, the Nike Victory Red wedges that he used are soon going to be available to you!

These are the new Nike Victory Red (VR) forged wedges that helped the great man to the 14th Major win of his stellar career. They feature new “High Rev” grooves which are milled into the clubface to the maximum allowable tolerances of width and depth which effectively means you get maximum spin for increased control.

But the Nike Victory Red Wedges aren’t just packed with technology….they look the part too. Mr Woods worked directly with Nike Golf’s experienced team of designers and engineers to create the special VR iron range, with special attention paid to the wedges. So not only do they perform, they’re going to turn heads just sat in your bag!

INFORMATION: The new Nike Victory Red Wedges retail at £95 per club; lofts start from 52 degrees and go up to 60. For further details please visit

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