Nikon unveil new rangefinders


Nikon are one of the main players in the world of rangefinders - and they've just announced the launch of two new beauties to help improve your game.

The Nikon Rangefinder Laser 550AS means golfers can now measure horizontal distance as well as the degree of incline or decline between themselves and the ball or the pin, which should make it easier to select the correct club for that all important shot!

And if you're new to the world of rangefinders and don't want to shell out mega-bucks then the Nikon Laser 350G could be a good option.

It combines user friendly measurement capabilities with a swanky, ergonomic design as well as accurate distance measurement.

INFORMATION: The Nikon LRF 550AS retails at £319.99 while the Nikon LRF 350 is priced at £229.99. For more details please visit