ProStance Set To Revolutionise The Way Golf Is Taught


ProStance, the must-have tool for any golfer wanting to improve their game, is set to revolutionise the way golf is taught.

Still relatively new to the market, ProStance has been the result of three years of research and development with professionals and amateurs alike. In fact, its the professional game who cannot get hold of the product fast enough. Over 70 Tour players already trust this unique product including three-time major winner Padraig Harrington, Paul McGinley, Rory McIlory, Bradley Dredge, Philip Archer, Richard Finch and Becky Brewerton.

In addition, ProStance is making the teachers re-think, with PGA Teacher of the year, Martin Hall, pictured, another advocate who was keen to ensure he was one of the first to have ProStance at his Academy at the Ibis Golf & Country Club, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Whilst results at the elite end of the game include improved driving distance by up to 30 yards and reduced putts per round by four strokes, this simple balance aid is establishing its position as one of the most advanced game-improvement tools on the market today.

The brainchild of directors, Dr Paul Hurrion and PGA Coach Stewart Craig, ProStance has been developed following extensive research into both putting and full swing biomechanics.

The research highlighted that golfers do not always know where their weight is truly positioned with 95% of both professional, as well as amateur golfers, not enjoying a balanced golf swing.

With the majority of golf coaches addressing faults with golf swings through compensations, it became apparent there was market for a product that addressed the root cause of the majority of swing faults – static and dynamic balance.

The research reinforced the need for golfers to be stable at address and dynamically balanced during the golf swing – the result: powerful, more accurate ball striking and smoother consistent putting strokes.

Dr Hurrion commented: “Before we created ProStance, the only way to determine if an individual was perfectly balanced was to use force or pressure platforms. These are not accessible to the majority of golfers, but with ProStance we have developed a simple, yet highly effective alternative producing the same end result at a fraction of the price.”

Essentially, ProStance is an inflatable balance aid that ensures weight is concentrated through the centre of gravity of the golfer’s body. Initially it makes it more difficult for the golfer to stay in balance, but the body works very quickly to adjust to its new surroundings. Within a few swings, and without thinking, users will identify where their own weaknesses lie and begin to refine their balance.

As effective for full-swing as it is to chipping and putting, ProStance can be used to highlight where your weight is concentrated and will tune your body for improved balance. The result: improved dynamic balance leading to powerful more consistent ball striking and smoother consistent putting strokes.

With the ability to increase or reduce the pressure inside the ProStance, the product can be tailored to any size and weight. Because of the way ProStance affords you instant feedback during every swing it is set to revolutionise the way golf is taught, wherever you are in the world.

Pro/teaching packages, consisting of five units as well as single ProStance units are available, each come complete with their own carry case. For more information or to find out how to become a stockist contact

ProStance RRP: £44.65