Cleveland Launcher DST hybrid


Cleveland have designed their new Launcher DST hybrid with maximum forgiveness and ease of use in mind.

Aimed at golfers who struggle with their longer irons or who are looking for a high-launching alternative in addition to long irons, the DST hybrid is available from 1-5 iron equivalent lofts.

The hybrid features a large face design to provide forgiveness on heel and toe mishits - meaning your bad shots aren't quite so bad!

The dual rail design on the sole is also manufactured to reduce drag on the turf and make the hybrid more playable from a variety of lies. This is also aided by the parabolic leading edge, as opposed to straight, because this allows the clubhead to slide across the turf instead of digging in.

The Launcher DST hybrid also features a light Mitsubishi Diamana Red 74 hybrid shaft. This is longer and lighter than other shafts in order to increase swing speed, ball speed and, ultimately, distance.

However, the hybrid is also available in shorter steel shafts for players who don't struggle for swing speed and are looking for a little more control.

The Launcher DST Hybrid carries an RRP of £119.00 (graphite); £99.00 (steel).

Keep an eye out for our first hit video review of the Cleveland Launcher DST range coming soon.