Meet the new Cleveland Launcher DST driver


Cleveland's new Launcher DST driver has been unveiled with the strapline: lighter, faster, longer.

Essentially, what that means is the lighter the club the faster you can swing it and, the faster you swing it the further you hit it.

With that in mind Cleveland put the previous Launcher on a strict diet and have trimmed 25g from the overall weight of the average standard driver.

The new Launcher DST weighs in at just 293g which includes a 199g clubhead, a 47g shaft and a 40g grip.

The shaft is also 1/4" longer than standard Cleveland shafts at 45.75" and the net result is increased clubhead speed (between 3-5mph) and a carry increase of between 3-10 yards.

Of course, swinging it faster means little if you continually miss the sweet spot of the clubface as many amateurs do so Cleveland have also designed the Launcher DST to be as forgiving as possible.

At only a half millimetre in thickness, the new Launcher DST crown is the thinnest possible, which helps move every bit of potential weight low and deep in the clubhead to promote a high, forgiving launch.

The variable thickness face also means the high-trampoline effect of the face is widened so effectively the sweet spot becomes bigger.

The variable thickness face also means 9g of weight has been removed and positioned lower and deeper in the clubhead.

The Launcher DST is available in a standard model but Tour and Draw versions are also available.

The tour model has a 2º open face, compact 430cc pear shaped head design and a Diamana White Board shaft for flighted Tour trajectory.

The draw model has a 3º closed face and draw bias weighting to combat a slice.

RRP £229

We'll be getting the new Cleveland Launcher DST range out for a first hit review very shortly so keep your eyes peeled for our thoughts on video soon.