New Cleveland CG15 wedges unmasked!


If you are an avid reader of Today's Golfer magazine you will have seen our exclusive look at the new Cleveland CG15 wedges in our recent issue 263.

However, if you're not and you've had to wait until now to find out about these beauties then you are seriously missing out!

Cleveland say the CG15 is the most technologically-advanced wedge on the market thanks to the company's intricate laser-milling technique.

As well as Cleveland's ZIP grooves, which are 25 per cent larger than traditional grooves to impart more spin, the CG15's also feature four laser-milled texture lines between each groove to increase surface roughness and enhance that all-important spin-producing friction.

The wedges also incorporate Cleveland's new S-grind sole which is a modification of the previous C-grind. This has been developed after feedback from tour players and the result is a wedge with constant sole width from heel to centre for more consistent bunker play but with material removed from the toe for reduced turf interaction on open-face shots.

The CG15's are available in a variety of loft and bounce options from 48-64 degree although a seperate Dynamic Sole Grind (DSG) is also available to act as a super-low bounce option for players with an extremely shallow angle of attack.

The wedges come with three different finishes - Chrome, Black Pearl or Oil Quench and are fitted as standard with a special Traction Wedge Shaft which boasts a slightly softer tip section but stiffer butt and mid sections.

RRP £99

To see what our video review team thought about the wedges click on the link below for an exclusive first-hit video review. The CG15's will also be going up against a whole host of other new wedges in issue 266 of Today's Golfer, on sale January 28, 2010.