New Nike SQ Machspeed driver


The new Nike SQ Machspeed driver is built for power, speed and forgiveness - pretty much all the average game improver needs!

Interestingly it is the only newly-developed square-headed driver for 2010 as rival manufacturers ditch the square shape for more conventional designs.

However, Nike still believe it is hip to be square and insist the shape allows them to move additional weight to the perimeter of the club for a higher MOI and more forgiveness.

It has also been designed with something called Total Swing Aerodynamics which means it is as aerodynamic as possible throughout the entire swing, even as the head turns. The reason for this, say Nike, is that previous square-drivers have created a lot of wind resistance because of their shape which has reduced clubhead speed and makes it more difficult to deliver the face square to the ball.

Despite the square design, Nike have done all the can to reduce the bulky appearance of the club by rounding the corners slightly to appeal to more traditional players.

But it's not just higher handicappers who the Machspeed can appeal to. Justin Leonard initially refused to consider using the Machspeed but after testing it he found it was 10-12 yards further and considerably straighter than his previous driver.

The Machspeed driver also incorporates Nike's STR8-Fit technology so the head can be set in any one of eight positions to promote different ball flights.

Loft Options:  8.5 (RH); 9.5 (RH/LH); 10.5 (RH/LH); 11.5 (RH); HL (RH) All available in:  S, R, A shaft flexes

Available from March 1, 2010. RRP:  £240