New Nike SQ Machspeed fairway wood


If golfers needed convincing about square-headed drivers then that's even more the case with fairway woods but Nike's new SQ Machspeed fairway woods are determined to make their case.

The theory is that more weight can be positioned around the perimeter of the clubhead to improve forgiveness but many players were put off by the bulky-looking clubs.

However, Nike have worked hard to make the Machspeed not only look better but perform better too.

The corners have been slightly rounded to reduce the square appearance and the head has been designed with Total Swing Aerodynamics, which means drag is reduced throughout the swing to the clubhead can move faster.

"The key to gaining more distance is to increase ball speed. The key to increasing ball speed is through aerodynamics," said Tom Stites, director of club creation for Nike Golf.

Loft Options:  3 (RH/LH); 4 (RH); 5 (RH/LH); 7 (RH); All available in:  S, R, A

Available from March 1, 2010. RRP:  £150