Nike Nike SQ Machspeed irons


With the new SQ Machspeed irons, Nike claim to have invented their longest and fastest irons ever aimed at a game improver.

The Machspeed irons are designed to incorporate speed, stability and launch.

The speed comes from the aerodynamic design also used in the Machspeed driver, fairway woods and hybrid. This ensures less drag thoughout the entire swing and not just at impact.

But this increased speed needs to be transferred to the ball so a two-piece head construction with a thin, hot face for high springlike effect takes care of that.

The stability is the result of Nike's Powerbow technology which takes weight away from the face and moves it round the head for a high resistance to twisting (MOI).

The Powerbow also ensures a high launch thanks to the removal of 50g of weight from the face to further back in the clubhead and, coupled with the deep, undercut cavity results in a high initial trajectory and powerful flight.

Men’s: 4-PW; 5-PW, SW; Steel:  S,R,; RH/LH; RRP:  £480

Men’s:  4-PW; 5-PW, SW; Graphite:  S,R,A; RH/LH; RRP: £540

Women’s:  5H, 6H, 7-PW, SW; Graphite: W (RH); RRP: £600

Available from March 1, 2010