Unveiled: Cleveland Launcher DST fairway wood


The new Cleveland Launcher DST fairway woods are designed to offer players maximum forgiveness but without the ballooning ball flight often associated with forgiving woods.

Designed to offer a powerful ball flight, the large face is also said to enhance forgiveness on off-centre hits so your bad shots end up not too far behind your good ones.

A high MOI and stability through impact, thanks to an ultra-thin crown, also aids forgiveness.

The Launcher DST fairway is available in three distinct 3-wood lofts; low (13°), standard (15°) and high (17°) trajectory options, allowing players to select the best loft to maximise distance and accuracy for their unique swing speed and launch conditions.

The sole has also been designed with low drag so it can be used from tight lies as well as off the tee. The standard shaft is the Mitsubishi Diamana Red 64 which is lighter and longer to increase clubhead speed for more distance.

RRP £129

We’ll be heading out onto the range soon for a first hit with the Cleveland Launcher DST range so keep an eye out for the video soon.

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