Adams Speedline Driver Review Video


The 2009 Adams Speedline Driver is big news in the USA right now and lots of top amateurs are bagging it as it’s so ‘goddam’ long!

The engineers at Adams Golf say they have tested all the popular big hitting driver only to find they are about as aerodynamic as a brick and so went about developing a big hitting driver that cut through the air like a knife.

That has meant that swing speeds increase and the golf ball goes further that it would normally for any golfer using the new 2009 Adams Speedline Driver.

The wind tunnel testing and tweaks have seen the Adams Speedline driver’s aerodynamics lead to increases of 3-4 mph in swing speed, and 3-9 yards in distance..

To see how the Adams Speedline Driver fares in the hands of a real golfer seee our exclusive first hit video review by scrolling down now…

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