Eco Friendly Golf Bugggies


Eco-friendly is a global buzz word right now so it was only right that a golf company started marketing golf buggies as environmentally friendly 'utliity vehicles' - as C-Zone Golf Buggies have.

The PGA Merchandise Show was fully loaded with the newest four-wheelers designed to get you, your mates and your golf gear around the course in record time - and one firm that grabbed the attention was C-ZONE, producer of the stunning Utility Car.

The environmentally-friendly golf jeep comes in a variety of styles and colours, but luxury would be an apt word to describe them - they are incredibly sturdy in design and stature, and feature a radio as well as impressive leather seats.

Although the machines are manufactured in Korea and distributed across the US and Canada, the company will be extending its' empire into the European market in the near future. For further details about the electric masterpiece, please visit