Rapid Eyewear Scratch Range


Scratch Sunglasses Range


Specialist sunglasses manufacturers Rapid Eyewear have added an exciting new range specifically for golf to their portfolio of products. Featuring interchangeable lenses for different light conditions, the range – sub-branded as ‘Scratch’ - offer great value for money, look very stylish and come with no less than three sets of interchangeable lenses for different light and playing conditions. They offer 100% UVA / UVB protection and conform to British, European and United States safety regulations.

There are six pairs in the Scratch range. Top of the line is the ‘Ace’ model; these come bundled, as indeed all of the sunglasses do, with the following: Category 3, green tinted mirror lens for high definition and glare reduction in sunny / bright light conditions; Category 2, brown polarised lens set for medium bright conditions and superb glare reduction; Category 0 lens, for enhancing light in dull conditions; carry case with belt-fixing loops / catch and pouches stitched inside to house the extra lenses; cleaning cloth; neck/head strap. The Ace sunglasses are made from virtually indestructible TR90, a material that’s said to be bullet-resistant – they also feature adjustable nose pieces and vented, anti-sweat lenses. An attractive crystallised blue frame completes a very impressive package at an amazing RRP of £49.99.

Also made from TR90 are the funky-looking Pro X, with matt black frames. These come complete with all lenses and extras mentioned above. Next come the Eagle Ladies Pro, a very stylish frame designed with ladies in mind. Unlike some of the more twee “ladies golf sunglasses” on the market, these offer a serious level of specification, being made from TR90 and offering the standard Scratch lens and accessory bundle. The RRP on both the Pro X and Eagle Ladies Pro is £44.99. 

For those on a tighter budget, the Green Master and Condor sunglasses still offer the same great package, but with polycarbonate frames. Don’t be fooled though; polycarbonate is a tough material, and these glasses still conform to the European EN1836 and US Z80.3 safety standards, just like the rest of the Scratch range. In fact, sample batches of all Rapid Eyewear sunglasses are subjected to an impact (drop-test) to ensure their strength is up to the mark (in line with US Z80.3 conformity).

Finally, for spectacle wearers, there’s the Pro X Prescription pair. These innovative sunglasses feature an Rx clip that houses the wearer’s prescription and sits behind the interchangeable tinted lenses, which attach to the frame by means of a spring clip. This idea is not a new one; however with the Scratch sunglasses, the often-found problem of the wearer’s eyelashes touching the prescription lenses is not present. This literally irritating problem is very, very common, even on well-known (and expensive) brand sunglasses. Despite having a TR90 Rx clip, the full package of interchangeable lenses and accessories, the Pro X Prescription sunglasses cost just £44.99 and amazingly, C&M Rapid Ltd will add your prescription lenses for just £30.00 standard or £55.00 for bi-focals.

To find out more, and on-line purchasing (including full prescription orders), visit the Scratch website, www.golf-sunglasses.co.uk or call 01622 755944. Trade and distribution enquiries are most welcome. STOP PRESS – We’ll be at the London Golf Show, stand S31 so do be sure to come and find us!