Taylormade R9 Driver


The Taylormade R9 driver, is to replace the Taylormade R7, one of golf's most iconic drivers in 2009 we can reveal.

The new TaylorMade R9 will be fully adjustable, for the first time ever, and will combine three moveable weights with a new Taylormade technology, called Flight Control Technology.

That may sound like marketing mumbo jumbo, but what it means to you and I is that, unlike its predecessor, the Taylormade R7, the Taylormade R9 golf driver will have a face adjustable by loft and face angle.

The TaylorMade R9 Driver | Adjustability

The TaylorMade R9 follows other driver manufacturers in making the club head adjustable into eight different positions using a wrench so you can promote a draw or fade, depending on your natural shot shape.

There will still be three moveable weights just as in the Taylormade r7 Limited and the head size is similar in size to the Taylormade r7 SuperQuad but not as large as the cheaper Taylormade Burner.

The stock shaft will be a brand new model from Fujikura's Tour brand, called Motore, although lots of other shafts will be available at the custom fit stage.

According to Taylormade the R9 is 'the best driver' they've ever produced. The jury is still out on that one right now as we have yet to hit it but expect to see an exclusive first hit video of the new Taylormade R9 driver ery shortly right here on www.todaysgolfer.co.uk.

Expect to see the new R9 driver in the shops this March with pricing to be confirmed, although it will be on sale in the USA for $399.

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Taylormade R9 Driver - Sole

TaylorMade r9 Driver - Toe

Taylormade R9 Driver