TruVis Golf Ball


Say the words TruVis and Golf Ball to the general golfing public and 99% of people won’t know what you’re talking about – but that could be set to change in 2009.

The people behind the ‘revolutionary’ concept in golf ball design are currently negotiating with several golf ball manufacturers to bring TruVis golf balls to the shelves of our favourite golf shops.

So what is a TruVis Golf Ball? TruVis balls are regulation balls used by you and me, but with 12 brightly painted pentagons on them. Obviously these give them an advantage when a golfer is ball-hunting amongst the cabbage, but there’s an even bigger plus point – the pentagons give the ball a three-dimensional appearance, which gives the golfer the illusion that the ball is sitting up, even in horrible lies.

The TruVis pentagons also help you see if you are rolling putts properly and or imparting spin on the ball when chipping and even make the ball seem bigger, inspiring confidence when standing over the golf ball.

Clever huh, for such a simple paint job to make such a difference to your golf game but don’t write them off until you’ve tried them first!

Exect, hopefully, to see the first TruVis marked golf balls on the market later this year.

How can a TruVis Golf Ball Benefit You?

Former European Tour pro Jamie Spence explains why the TruVis ball can benefit every golfer’s game…

Most golf tournaments are won around the greens and the most successful players are the ones that learn how the ball behaves and what they have to do to control spin. The feedback they get from the TruVis ball makes that process so much easier.

1 The 3D TruVis effect
It sits up at you. Lots of people will say that it looks bigger and that’s because with this ball you are able to define the perimeter more accurately. But, more importantly, it appears to come up at you. If you place this ball on a tight lie and then swap it with a white one, there’s no doubt which one you’d rather hit. Likewise, in the first cut of rough, this ball seems easier to get at and because of that you feel more confident.

2 Seeing the spin
For the better players, the feedback you get from this ball when you chip with it is fascinating. You can see how the ball spins in much finer detail. You can tell immediately how well you have struck a chip, not just by the feel in the hands, but the visual feedback as well.

3 Knowing a good roll
Pros spend hours working on their putting strokes trying to get a good roll. With a regular ball, that roll is hard to see. Does the ball skid off the face? Is it rolling end over end or is there unwanted sidespin. Putt with this ball and the feedback is fantastic Ifs a subconscious thing – you get so much information without really thinking about it. You can see how the ball is moving very clearly.

4 It’s fun
A strange quality perhaps, but one that shouldn’t be underestimated. Just messing about with this ball on the putting green, hitting chips and rolling putts, is great fun. that enjoyment enables you to keep focused longer.

Expert Opinion On The TruVis Golf Ball

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