Mizuno MP-62's get a makeover with Black Nickel finish


Calling all Mizuno fans - the Japanese forging legends have released an update to one of their most popular ranges with the Black Nickel MP-62's.

It's hard to believe it was possible to make the existing MP-62's even easier on the eye but the new Black Nickel finish is a pleasing sight.

The range has already caught the eye of Mizuno tour pros Daniel Vanscik and Pelle Edberg who immediately swapped the existing MP-62's for the black finish.

But it's not simply cosmetic, the Black Nickel finish offers an even softer feel off the face as well as reducing glare in the sunlight. The trade-off is that the softer finish means the irons are slightly less durable than the original range.

Only 500 sets are being released to the general public and interest is expected to be high at £95 per club.

For more information visit golf.mizunoeurope.com