New Nippon N.S PRO WV wedge shafts promise increased spin


Leading shaft manufacturer Nippon has unveiled the newest shafts in its collection, designed specially for wedges.

The Nippon N.S PRO WV shafts are designed to create a slightly lower launch angle with the short clubs but impart more spin on the ball allowing greater control.

The shafts are aimed at all level of golfers from tour professionals to weekend players and come in three different weights.

Nippon say the shafts will prove particularly popular with tour pros because the increased spin will compensate for the changes in groove rules from January at the elite end of the sport.

However, the company also says amateur golfers, who generally struggle to generate spin, will benefit hugely from the increased spin available as well as enjoying enhanced feel around the green.

The shafts are available through and as well as Nippon's custom-fit partners at