True Temper launch Project X driver and hybrid shafts


True Temper has announced the release of its brand new Project X driver and hybrid shafts to amateur golfers, after proving popular as prototypes with tour players.

To many, Project X will sound like an evil plan hatched by a villain with designs on world domination from his lair in a hollowed-out volcano, but golf fans will know it as one of the most popular shafts on tour.

The new Project X driver and hybrid shafts are similar to the much-lauded Project X Rifle iron shafts in that they are designed to produce a penetrating ball flight and reduce spin.

They are engineered using True Temper's proprietary Zonal Design Theory (ZDT) which divides the shaft into three zones - butt, mid and tip sections. Each zone is optimised for performance using a specific design technology.

The tip is firm with low torque to reduce twisting of the club head during the downswing. The mid section of the shaft is softer allowing for maximum loading and unloading of energy to maximise distance, while the butt section is extremely rigid and stable to minimise energy loss.

The Project X shafts are available through True Temper's dealer network from mid-July.