Pitch mark repair is flippin' easy thanks to Champ's Flip Fix


Champ’s new Flip Fix is designed to make fixing divot and pitch marks a walk in the park thanks to its updated design.

While we all love to see those lovely pitch marks on the green after floating a 150-yard approach to within a few feet of the pin, they can play havoc with your putting if they’re not repaired properly.

With shorter and wider tapered prongs the newly-designed Flip Fix has added durability while still making it easy to slip into the turf and repair the deepest of ball impressions.

The Flip Fix also features a clam-shell mobile phone-style closure which allows it to be comfortably stored in the pocket without the golfer receiving a sharp poke in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It also has a magnetic ball marker attached to the back of the tool which can be customised with club emblems or logos.

Champ’s Flip Fix is available in good pro shops for an RRP of £9.99.  For more information visit www.champspikes.com