Free putting trainer with Rife IMO


Rife is offering a free putting trainer with its revolutionary IMO putter, launched this summer.

The IMO, featured in issue 259 of Today's Golfer back in August, sees 80 per cent of the weight positioned directly behind the ball to encourage acceleration through impact and a more solid strike.

Rife founder, Guerin Rife, believes that deceleration before impact is the number one problem amateur golfers face on the putting green.

Therefore, he designed a training aid with 100 per cent of the weight behind the ball to discourage golfers from slowing down during the stroke and aid a pendulum action. The putting aid is an exact replica of the IMO putter other than the removal of the perimeter-weighting wings.

The wings on the putter are included to head conform to R&A guidelines because the face of the putter must be at least as wide as it is long.

That means the training aid is approved for use during practice rounds and on the practice greens but cannot be used in a competitive round. However, Rife believes that regular use of the training aid will ensure a proper pendulum stroke when using the conforming putter head.

The Rife IMO retails at £129 and the training aid is worth £69.