Mizuno MP Fli-Hi Iron Replacements Revealed!


The DLR might mean something completely different to the London commuter but to Mizuno it means direct iron replacements - and more specifically the new Mizuno MP Fli-Hi.

Aimed at the better player, the Mizuno MP Fli-Hi is designed to provide an easier alternative to hitting a 2, 3 or 4 iron while still maintaining a good degree of workability.

The hollow construction is finished off with a hot metal plasma welded face, which delivers high and consistent COR numbers across the face as well as a low COG for a high, controlled ball flight.

The new Fli-Hi has reduced offset and minimal bounce to its predecessor - changes which were made following extensive feedback from tour players.

David Llewellyn, R&D manager for Mizuno, said: "The blade players in particular felt the original had too much offset - reducing their chances of working the ball.

"As a result the remodelled Fli-Hi blends much better with the most traditional MP irons - especially the MP-68 and the MP-62.

"Most of our tour players will replace their 2 iron with an MP Fli-Hi. Amateurs might want to take them even further into the set so they can use the sleeker MP models from the mid irons upwards."

£95 (steel).