Mizuno MP Series T-10 Wedges Revealed!


It's not that often Mizuno brings out a new wedge series, which makes it doubly exciting when they do - and here comes the new MP Series T-10 wedges.

The Mizuno MP Series T-10 wedges introduce Mizuno's new QUAD CUT technology, which ensures tighter manufacturing tolerances to push groove regulations to the limit.

The result is wedges with visibly improved backspin and stopping ability in all playing conditions.

This is combined with the Grain Flow Forged feel associated with Mizuno and a compact teardrop shape for greater shotmaking capability.

Masao Nagai, global director of R&D for Mizuno, said: "The more compact headshape with a bevelled top edge has become a popular request to our custom grind specialists in Japan. This thicker blade gives a smoother feel and a little more control.

The QUAD CUT grooves come into their own with the shorter pitch shots, where the ball has less chance to compress. When our Tour players first tested them they could see the difference straight away."

The wedges also incorporate what Mizuno calls "acceptable cover damage" because it causes less damage to the golf ball that sharper grooves without compromising on spin rate.

Available in white satin or black satin finish from 50 - 64 degrees. £75 per club.