Set up to hit great golf shots with new mat aid


It's virtually impossible have a good golf swing and low handicap if your set up isn't spot on and there's a new product on the market that's specifically designed to help you get it right.

The one metre square Home Bay Indoor mat from Real Play demonstrates a square club face, correct ball position, correct hand position, squared shoulders, squared feet and the ideal takeaway path.

Following the simple pre-shot routine ensures a perfect set up and a consistent square golf swing that once perfected can be taken on to the course and repeated for every shot.

The Home Bay Indoor mat also features instructions that lead you onto the next step; shaping your shots.

There are three fundamental set up positions mapped out that result in the ability to hit three different shots; straight, draw and fade.

The mat is made from scuff, scratch & tear resistant plastic and printed with abrasion resistant graphics, and is perfect for use indoors, outdoors (when dry) and at the range.

The Home Bay Indoor mat retails for £69.99. Visit for more information.