SkyCaddie - The No1 Rangefinder In Golf


Golf is a game of many variables - and uncertainties - but there's at least one thing about which you can be instantly certain: a SkyCaddie® yardage.


SkyCaddie® has walked more golf courses than any other rangefinder in golf, and USA-based SkyGolf®, whose handheld SkyCaddie® golf GPS rangefinders are the leading sellers in global golf's fastest-growing retail category, has set the benchmark for accuracy with its golf course mapping techniques.

Created for almost 30,000 golf courses around the world, including over 2,000 in the UK, SkyCaddie® golf course maps are all created by professional mappers with one aim: to give the golfer absolute certainty in a SkyCaddie® yardage.

Only SkyCaddie® maps every single golf course on foot, with certified professionals walking the course with high-quality, survey-grade equipment triangulated with both orbital satellites and land-based positional beacons for maximum accuracy. And SkyCaddie® mappers mark up to 40 critical targets for each hole, including distances to hazard, fairway targets and layups which are not visible with a laser rangefinder or from satellite maps.

As SkyCaddie® is constantly re-walking golf courses across Britain, golfers can always be sure that they're carrying the latest data. Your SkyCaddie® is a constantly-improving device, and golfers can choose from a variety of download plans giving them access to the very latest course maps. When you synchronise your SkyCaddie®, you also automatically receive free software updates; GPS updates; course updates and notifications, and access to Favourite Course storage functionality product updates. With over 400 UK golf courses requiring re-mapping each year, only SkyCaddie® golfers can be sure that their rangefinder has the latest, most accurate data.

From the new SkyCaddie® SG2.5Lite, at under £150, to the range-topping SG5 at £329, every SkyCaddie® uses the same GPS technology and mapping data – so every model is the most trustworthy Tour-standard caddy you can buy.

SkyCaddie® - you can’t trust the club, if you can’t trust the caddie.

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