Spherical Blade Greenstreak Putter Video Review


The Spherical Blade Greenstreak putter is a big unit and it may not be everyone's cup of tea - but there's plenty of science behind its appearance.

For a start, the size of the head allows more weight to be positioned around the perimeter for high MOI and mega forgiveness on off-centre hits.

But we know you've heard all that before. What you may not know is the face is curved both from north to south and east to west so no one area of the putter face is flat.

The result, say the manufacturers, is a straighter shot regardless of how square the putter head is at impact. And let's face it, anything that results in a straighter shot has to be welcomed.

But does the science bit work? TG's gear duo Jon Greathead and David Connor have been out on the putting green testing it out. See the video below for their thoughts.