What Gear focus: Callaway FTiZ driver


Our exclusive What Gear 2010 section in association with online golf is packed full of the latest golfing technologies and one of the most advanced of these is Callaway's new FTiZ driver.

The new FTiZ is a fusion (FT stands for Fusion Technology) of four different materials - cast titanium, compression-cured carbon fibre, formed aluminium and cast steel.

This technology took the best part of a decade for Callaway to perfect and has resulted in the designers being able to move weight to specific areas of the clubhead where it is most useful.

And Callaway haven't stopped there! They've worked hard on the aerodynamics of the clubhead to reduce drag during the swing, a whopping 11 per cent less than the previous FTiQ model.

The result of all this is the most stable club through impact Callaway has ever produced thanks to an ultra-high MOI and high launching due to the low and deep centre of gravity.

For more information on this and a host of other drivers on the market this year visit our What Gear 2010 section in association with online golf.