Video review: Tour-quality irons


These are the type of irons that Tiger, Phil and Ernie et al use to great effect but can have us mere mortal golfers shivering at the very prospect.

Pure bladed irons with little or no forgiveness, you have to be a fine ball striker to use a set of these clubs. But many amateurs are determined to use the same clubs as the pros – even if that can mean stinging fingers with a thinned 5 iron on a cold Autumn morning.

These clubs are designed to offer the ultimate in playability for very good players. They are usually forged from a very soft steel for excellent feel but the downside is they usually come with a pretty hefty price tag.

Prime examples of these are Mizuno MP-68, Nike VR TW Forged and Callaway X-Protoypes.

TG’s gear duo Jonathan Greathead and David Connor readied their fingers for a bashing and then discussed the merits of these clubs in the video below.

You can also see what they thought about some of the leading Tour-quality irons on the market by clicking on the links below.

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