New Benross VX Proto PVD driver


Benross, it seems, have not just pushed the boundaries of golf-club design with the new VX Proto PVD driver - they've managed to alter the laws of economics as well.

The VX Proto PVD driver carries an RRP of £149 (we think it will actually sell for around £20 cheaper than that) but it comes with an Aldila Voodoo shaft which retails itself for £149.99.

We'll readily admit that at Today's Golfer, our minds were more on the fairways than the textbooks at school when the Economics lessons were in full swing but even we know this sounds too good to be true.

However, somehow Benross have managed it while also pulling together a very tidy looking clubhead.

The 460cc head is designed to be forgiving but not at the expense of feel and workability. It is also finished in an eye-catching premium black PVD, which looks great, reduces glare and is resistant to peeling.

But the real story is the shaft, which has been used by Tour players such as Justin Rose, Henrik Stenson, Sergio Garcia and Lee Westwood.

The Aldila Voodoo shaft is available in the VX Proto PVD driver in RVS6 (regular) and SVS6 (stiff). Both are mid-launch shafts and are designed to be more stable throughout the swing to maximise energy transfer and accuracy.

The VX Proto PVD driver is available in 10 and 12 degree lofts and comes with a Golf Pride MCC white grip as standard.