It wasn’t too long ago that the only yellow golf balls you could buy were about as soft as Mike Tyson’s jaw.

But we’ve seen something at the PGA Merchandise Show that’s going to change all that – and it comes in the form of a yellow Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star X.

The Z-Star range is a TG favourite – the Tour-proven ball has got bags of feel and great distance control with the Z-Star suiting players with swingspeeds around 80-105mph and the Z-Star X version helping those with swingspeeds in excess of 105mph.

And now they are going to be offering a yellow option – and it’s not all about going for a brighter colour to stand out. Apparently, science has drawn a correlation between the colour green and stress relief. Science also says that the colour yellow is the most visible in the spectrum so Srixon have put the two together to come up with the Z-Star Yellow!

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