New Powakaddy Touch trolley


Powakaddy have launched the revolutionary new Touch electric golf trolley which, as the name suggests, starts  moving as soon as you touch it!

The Touch is the first of its kind in the trolley market and features a sensitive handle which adjusts the speed of the trolley depending on the firmness of your touch.

This means the trolley will move at exactly your speed as you walk up the fairway rather than having to fiddle about finding the right setting.

The frame is lightweight - weighing 9.5kg without the battery - but features a robust aluminium frame.

A stylish oversize frame and sporty wheels also give the Touch a modern look.

Lee Manvell, PowaKaddy’s group product manager, said: "Traditional electric golf trolleys use a roller to control the speed but the new PowaKaddy Touch has a new intuitive but simple mechanism. It has no roller; instead the handle is touch sensitive and slides forwards and backwards with ease.

"To use simply rest your hand on the handle, start walking and the trolley will respond to your speed. As you slow, so will the PowaKaddy Touch. Take your hand off and it will maintain that speed."

The Touch has an RRP of £399 and comes with an 18-hole lead acid battery. The successful Powakaddy Freeway II remains in the range.