New Mizuno MP T-11 wedges


Mizuno have unveiled a brand new MP T-11 wedge for 2011 complete with conforming grooves.

The MP T-11 follows on the T-10 which was launched last year but has now fallen foul of the new groove regulations.

Obviously this doesn't affect the majority of amateur players until 2024 at the earliest but Mizuno believe there will be enough players looking to use conforming grooves this year.

The grooves themselves are Quad-Cut to make them as big as possible under the new regulations but Mizuno have also introduced two different types of grooves in their wedges, depening on the loft.

For stronger lofts (50-54) the wedges feature deeper, narrower grooves, which are suitable for full shots while the weaker lofts (56-64) have shallower, wider grooves because these clubs are mainly used for partial shots and therefore do not compress the ball as much.

Elsewhere, CNC milled score lines on the face help to keep the spin rates reasonably comparable with pre-2010 grooves while the heads are grain flow forged from carbon steel for extra feel.

The MP T-11 wedge is available in two finishes: two-tone white satin chrome and glare-resistant black nickel.

We'll have more info on the wedges in an upcoming issue of Today's Golfer magazine.

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