Cleveland and Srixon aiming to sharpen your short game


If your short game is in dire need of urgent repair, Cleveland and Srixon are offering you the perfect opportunity to improve with a special custom-fitting session at Golf Live in May.

Visitors to the event will have the opportunity to be custom-fit for a new Cleveland wedge and Srixon balls, to the same level as a Tour player. Fitting staff will use lie boards, lie tape, face tape and launch monitors to help determine which products best suit your game.

Once golfers have been fitted correctly for their new wedge, expert staff will then build the club to the exact specifications on the Tour truck, which will also be in attendance.

"Golf Live was a unique opportunity for the average golfer to get custom fit for a new Cleveland Golf wedge with the same level of service as the Tour professional," said Ben Davis, Cleveland Golf's European Marketing Manager.

"Our European Tour truck and custom fit service should be an extremely popular attraction if 2010 is anything to go by. We serviced over 1,000 golfers at the Cleveland Golf/Srixon Short Game Area over the three days last year and there is no reason why we should not see any less this year," he added.

INFORMATION: For more details on Golf Live, which takes place on May 20-22 at the London Club, please visit