Video Review: TaylorMade TP wedge


TaylorMade's sensational R11 and Burner SuperFast 2.0 products have rightly grabbed many headlines this year, but their wedge line-up is equally impressive.

We tested the TP wedge recently, which features the xFT innovation that allows golfers the opportunity to change the face of the wedge once the grooves have worn down, rather than having to replace the entire club.

By using the wrench associated with TaylorMade's adjustable woods, the face is simple to unscrew and remove, and the result is sharper grooves at less than half the price of a new wedge.

As youd'd expect from a TaylorMade product, the wedge oozes class and style and our quartet of testers were highly-impressed.

Here's what our equipment editor thought of the product.

INFORMATION: The TP wedge with XFT technology is available for £99, and additional faces for £40. For more details, please visit