Adams aerodynamics meet adjustability in new Speedline Fast 12 LS driver


Adams are well-known for their aerodynamic range of drivers, and now they've engineered one that features all of the benefits of a low-drag head with adjustability.

The new Speedline Fast 12 Low Spin driver sits alongside Fast 12 model, but offers extensive adjustability in a discreet hosel design.

Golfers can adjust the loft and face angle, as well as the lie and even the length of the club. The loft can be changed up or down by up to a degree each way, and the lie can be altered either +2 or -2 degrees, while the shaft can also be lengthened from the standard 45 inches to one measuring 45.5 inches. This increases ball speed and launch angle for greater distance off the tee.

In order to maintain the same swingweight, the new Fast 12 LS driver has also been designed with a removable weight in the back of the head.

The conventional Speedline Fast 12 driver retails at £249, but the adjustable LS version will come with a £349 price tag.