Cleveland continue on the light path with CG Black driver


Cleveland impressed us last year with their Ultralite Series of drivers, but now they've gone one (well five) better than before with the launch of their new CG Black driver.

At just 265g, the club is the lightest driver ever to be produced and knocks 5g off last year's XL270 ultralite.

The head has been resigned to be more aerodynamic and, according to the manufacturer, creates less drag throughout the swing to increase clubhead speed for greater distance.

The face varies in thickness too, so ball speeds remain high across more of the surface which enhances forgiveness on off-centre strikes.

The new CG Black driver is also incredibly sleek at address, and the fact the shaft is slightly shorter than last year's model suggests golfers will enjoy more control.

In terms of price, it's not going to be cheap, but if you have a slow swing speed and would benefit from this incredibly light driver, £329 may not seem too bad.