adidas unveil new Tour 360 ATV golf shoe


adidas have unveiled their latest design in golf-shoe technology – the Tour 360 ATV golf shoe.

The ATV is said to utilise innovative forefoot flexibility and zonal traction elements to deliver a greater level of grip, comfort and stability throughout the swing.

This essentially means the shoe is more flexible than before and therefore offers better traction on a range of surfaces, lies and stances.

It also features the same technology we have seen in previous Tour 360 models – the premium, full-grain leather upper with 360WRAP to promote maximum
stability around the midfoot. Inside, a FitFOAM molded polyurethane insole provides everlasting cushioning and comfort heel-to-toe while the platform utilises THiNTech low-profile technology to bring the foot closer to the ground for improved stability, power transfer and balance.

“This shoe takes all of the advancements of the TOUR360 line and pushes it one step further,” said Kevin Ross, VP adidas Golf. “We’ve taken feedback from our Tour players and combined it with our experience from previous versions to make the ATV the best performing TOUR360 yet.”

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