Bushnell launches rangefinder/GPS hybrid


Bushnell have launched a new Hybrid product that combines the best of a laser rangefinder and a GPS system.

The new system uses laser rangefinder technology that is accurate to within one yard, but the Hybrid also comes with 20,000 courses already pre-loaded.

The GPS part of the system means golfers can get distances to the front, middle and back of the green. They can also set up four custom points per hole which is perfect for marking hazards and lay up positions.

"We believe this first of its kind rangefinder will give golfers the best of both worlds," said Phil Gyori, Bushnell's Executive Vice President of Marketing.

"There has been a long, ongoing debate over laser rangefinders and GPS devices and we are excited to brign the Hybrid to consumers and offer them a product that marries the best laser rangefinder tehcnology with the easy-to-use features of a GPS rangefinder," he added.

INFORMATION: The new Hybrid, which is out now, will retail at £439.