Callaway Razr Hawk - 2011 drivers test review video


We all know that equipment manufacturers go to great lengths when developing their new drivers but when Callaway announced they had worked with supercar giants Lamborghini on the new Razr Hawk driver we expected something pretty special.

The two R&D teams developed something called Forged Composite to replace Titianium in 67 per cent of the driver clubhead to make it lighter and stronger and it has gone down a storm in the hands of their Tour players.

However, the acid test is how it performed in the hands of club golfers in our 2011 drivers test. Both Callaway and Lamborghini will be delighted that our team rated it extremely highly giving it a silver award.

Watch the video below with TG's gear team Jonathan Greathead and David Connor for more information on the Callaway Razr Hawk and how it performed in our test.