Snake Eyes 685T: 2011 drivers test video


They may not be the first brand name that immediately springs to mind when you are in the market for some new golf clubs but Snake Eyes make some excellent equipment, including the new Snake Eyes 685T driver.

Our testing panel rated this in the top 10 of drivers on the market today and gave it an overall score of 4 out of 5 stars.

The testers were impressed with the subtle and uncomplicated nature of the Snake Eyes driver and duly rated it highly alongside all the top names in the driver market.

Snake Eyes are also very big into the custom-fitting element of golf club design so with the right components for you our team believe this would be an asset in your bag.

Watch the video below where TG’s gear team Jonathan Greathead and David Connor give a bit more detail about how the driver performed in our 2011 drivers test.

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