Motocaddy's new wheels to keep you on course in the wet


Motocaddy have launched a new set of wheels for your trolley designed to keep you on the course in even the wettest of weather.

The wheels, which are compatable with all of Motocaddy's S-Series trolleys including the S1 Digital and S3 Digital, have been designed after extensive development and testing in conjunction with turf care experts. They incorporate an innovative tread pattern with measured weight dispersion that significantly increases grip and reduces turf abrasion, plus an anti-skid design that protects the golf course and improves trolley performance when used in wet conditions.

“Through extensive research and development we’ve been able to produce a wheel that not only increases the grip of the trolley through a calculated weight dispersion, but protects the golf course thanks to the new tread pattern,” said Motocaddy’s Managing Director Tony Webb. “As well as maximising trolley use, the new wheels will also help retailers to hire out more trolleys during periods of wet weather and so boost their profits.”

The new Motocaddy Wet Weather Wheels will be available from December 2011 and will have a RRP of £69.99 per set.