Mizuno's R-series wedges return with the R-12


Mizuno have anounced the return of their R-series wedge line-up with the launch of the new the MP R12.

It has been designed to offer greater versatility and to appeal to more golfers than the current MP T-11 wedge because it features a larger head profile and a more rounded head as opposed to the tear drop shape of the T-11. This gives it a more consistent look regardless of whether you open or close the face at address.

Mizuno say it is not designed to replace the T-11 but simply to give golfers more options and better choices in the scoring clubs - where the company feel their experience in producing terrific feel through grain flow forging techniques makes them stand out from the rest.

The R-12 wedges feature the same Quad Cut grooves as the T-11 wedges, which Mizuno say are the most aggressive possible under the current groove regulations. Like the T-11 wedges the R-12 feature deeper, narrower grooves in the stronger lofts and wider shallower grooves in the more lofted clubs.

This is done because Mizuno say golfers are more likely to hit full shots with stronger lofts so the grooves need to be deeper while the shallower grooves work better with finesse shots around the greens to maximise spin.

The wedges come in two finishes - glare-resistane white satin chrome and black nickel and are priced at £115 each.