3BaysGSA Golf App Set To Revolutionise Instruction


The Mustard Concept, a technology go to market company, has announced the UK release of the 3BaysGSA; a device that fits into the butt of your grip and instantly transfers all your swing details to your smart phone or tablet.

Small enough to be attached to the end of any golf club, this new device uses the cutting edge technology in advance motion sensors to collect swing statistics and capture more than 10,000 data points, to analyse and give instant feedback on a golfer’s swing.

It will allow golfers to view their club head speed, face angle, tempo and swing plane consistency all instantly, removing the need – if you are able to turn the numbers into fault fixes – of a coach.

It weighs less than 10 grams, meaning it doesn’t obstruct your swing and, unlike its competitors, does not affect the feel of your club.
As well as being able to instantly understand which elements of the golf swing you can improve upon, there is also the additional option of sending the information to a golf coach who can then provide online coaching, help and guidance.

Paul McIntosh of The Mustard Concept says “Professional or amateur, all golfers strive for that perfect swing technique. It is without doubt the biggest single element of playing golf and it makes the difference between a good golfer and an excellent one.

“To put it simply this device can you make a much better golfer, quickly! Use it on the range, on the course or in your back garden - it's easy to fit, set up and use. And can make an instant difference to your game”
Players will also be able to review swing records in parametric form and a graphical format, compare swings with their best swing and play back their swing arc motions at various speeds.
The GSA app is also fully integrated with the leading social media sites, allowing you to share swing information as you play.
The 3BaysGSA, once its patent is granted, is expected to retail for £189.99 and will be available to buy in the UK from John Lewis and Amazon sometime in 2013.
Website: www.smartgolfswinganalyser.com