Video Review: Mizuno MP T-4 Wedge


Mizuno’s newest wedge model has the unenviable task of building on the success of the MP T-1 and the MP R-12, both of which are in Luke Donald’s bag.

The T-4 has replaced the T-1 and features many of the same characteristics, along with a straighter leading edge than the R-12 and compact teardrop shape.

But there are some noticeable differences between the T-1 and T-4. The sole grind in the heel and the toe has been made smoother, while the leading edge is more bevelled to prevent it digging into the turf at impact – a direct result of feedback from their Tour pros.

Another change is the full-length slot in the rear of the head which means the ball can be picked off tight lies and maintains the lower, more penetrating flight many better players seek.

Our Equipment Editor David preferred the T-4 to the R-12 as it gave more control over ball flight. However, if you are the type of golfer who prefers to manufacture various shots round the greens then he would recommend the more rounded profile of the R-12.

Here's more on what David, and TG's Senior Equipment Editor Jon, thought of Mizuno's wedge: