Video Review: TaylorMade RocketBallz Fairway Wood


When TaylorMade announced the launch of their new RocketBallz range last winter, the claims of 17 yards sounded very ambitious and unlikely.

But after landing our TG Gold Award, we can confrim that the proof is most definitely in this pudding.

The secret lies in the Speed Pocket that sits behind the face – it boosts COR and ball speed for more distance, and the flight is incredibly strong due in part to the deeper clubface.

The stats show RocketBallz performed both in terms of distance and dispersion for each of our four testers. In fact, it was the longest on test for both pro James and Mick, while also being among the most powerful for David and Anthony.

However, it also impressed in our subjective categories with David insisting it was one of the most forgiving on test thanks to fast ball speeds even on mis-hits. He said that it was simply flawless as a driver replacement off the tee thanks to a deeper face but still performed well off the deck thanks to a higher launch with low spin.

Mick loved the balance, weight, shape and feel, but found the slot in the sole was prone to snagging the grass on his takeaway on the fairway. Anthony said it wouldn’t usually be a club he would go for but that the performance may change his mind. He was a big fan of the aesthetics and powerful feel but thought there were more forgiving clubs on test.

Our TG pro said: “I’d always go for the Tour version of the RocketBallz because the head is slightly more compact and sits a touch open so suits my eye better. But in terms of performance the face is very hot.”

Watch the video below to see what our two equipment gurus thought of the RockBallz fairway: