Bridgestone Launch New E-Series Balls


Bridgestone have unveiled their new range of balls off the back of research including 200,000 live consumer ball-fittings.

All three new e-Series models have undertaken an aerodynamic upgrade, utilising Bridgestone’s new 326-seamless dual dimple pattern.

The new pattern features 6% larger dimples and 2.5% more surface area coverage to help reduce drag and increase lift for unparalleled distance performance.

“Golfers may not care about the technicalities of dimple design, but they do care about getting the right trajectory and more distance for their game.” said Corey Consuegra, Bridgestone’s Golf Ball Marketing Manager.

“Thanks to the best R&D Team in the business and our unique ball fitting database, the new balls perform better than any e-Series product we’ve ever released, and offer solutions to consumers with varying trajectory needs.”

The new e5 is an advanced 2-piece urethane construction, designed for golfers wanting higher ball flight, more distance and greater control. A large gradational core contributes to longer carry distances, while its tour caliber urethane cover delivers tremendous feel into and around the greens.

The e6 was the softest multilayer golf ball on the market and in 2013 it is even softer. Designed to help players eliminate slices and hooks, it reduces spin for straighter distance. A 3% softer Surlyn cover and low compression core improve feel, while an anti-side spin inner layer helps keep the ball in the short grass. Currently the top-selling e-Series model, the e6 will be available in white, yellow and orange.

Finally, the e7 is the ultimate distance ball – designed purely for faster, longer shots. The larger Dual Dimple and reactive Surlyn cover combine to reduce drag and increase lift, while a speed-enhancing core and spin-reducing inner layer deliver explosive velocity and greater distance.

RRP: £25.99 per dozen 
Available: February 1st 2013. 


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