Cleveland Launch New Classic Woods


Cleveland Golf has unveiled its new Classic XL drivers, fairway woods and hybrids, promising golfers forgiveness, flight, feel and distance in 2013.

The Classic XL Custom leads the way as Cleveland’s first ever adjustable driver with interchangeable weight ports. The adjustable hosel can be moved to one of 12 different settings for optimal face angle and flight, while an interchangeable weight port allows swingweight to be optimized for every player.

With the largest, deepest driver face in golf, it means the largest effective hitting area for incredible confidence on the tee. An enhanced variable face thickness technology also creates incredibly fast ball speed on off-centre hits for unprecedented forgiveness.

The Classic XL driver offers more distance, confidence and style. The Classic XL Driver has the largest and deepest club face of any driver in golf, and an even larger sweet spot for maximum forgiveness. The centre of gravity has been moved deeper in the club head to promote higher launch and more penetrating flight, while the weight has been removed from the grip and shaft for a higher balance point, which maintains a traditional feel while promoting more speed through impact.

The Classic XL fairway has a larger sweet spot for incredible distance even when you miss the sweet spot. It shares many of the same technologies found in the drivers, including a large face, enhanced variable face thickness technology and a deeper centre of gravity to promote a mid-high launch and more penetrating flight.

The Classic hybrid combines incredible distance with Gliderail Technology for more speed and forgiveness from any lie. The sole combines two rails with a subtle centre keel, which measurably decreases turf drag for more lift and speed at impact.

RRP: Classic XL Custom £269
RRP: Classic XL £239
RRP: Classic XL Fairway £159
RRP: Classic Hybrid £129

To find out more, watch the video with TG’s Senior Equipment Editor below:


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