Nikon Unveil New Coolshot AS Rangefinder


Nikon have announced the launch of a new cutting edge laser rangefinder, the Coolshot AS, which will be the company’s first device to feature angle compensation technology that takes into account the height of the target, and instantly provides both the actual horizontal and slope-adjusted distance within a range of 11 to 600 yards.

While illegal in competition play, the slope-adjusted measurement is perfect for golfers who are playing practise rounds at unfamiliar courses, or want to learn more about their own layout.

The Target Priority Switch has two measurement modes: First Target and Distant Target. The First Target Priority mode is ideal for golfers because it offers a precise measurement of the distance to the flag with the push of a button.

The new model is also compact, lightweight and waterproof. It has a 6x magnification view and a bright LED illuminated display that is easy to read, even in difficult lighting conditions

RRP: £399.99
Available: February 2013

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